Frontier Airlines Check in Policy

Frontier Airlines Check In Policy - The check-in process falls next to the ticket reservation. It is great to understand the check-in policy of the airline to avoid flaws while boarding the flight. This guide stresses various scenarios involved in the Frontier Airlines check-in policy to help passengers at this crucial phase of the journey.

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Frontier Airlines Check in Policy

Based in Denver, Colorado, Frontier Airlines is a substantial air carrier in the United States. It offers pleasant and hassle-free travel experiences to populations globally. Being the 8th largest commercial airline in the USA, Frontier pledges to bring affordable fare policies to make air travel within the reach of all.

In terms of regions covered, it has access to more than 100 destinations in the US and 31 stations internationally. The American air company was incorporated in 1994. Overall, Frontier Airlines adopts a rational approach for travelers to bring exceptional flying experience at budget-friendly fare prices.

Frontier Airlines Check-in Policy: What You Need to Know

What are some preliminary steps passengers need to consider before boarding the flight? There’re certain parameters you must be aware of to perform the check-in process seamlessly. This guide is to educate you about when to arrive at the airport, how to select seats and check luggage etc.

The American carrier appears with several ways for passengers to check into the flight. Principally, it consists of online as well as offline check-in methods to vanish any possible hassle and inconvenience. You can check into the flight from 3 hours prior to the departure time as the online window is open 24 before the takeoff time.

Furthermore, the airline prioritizes passengers who have the Frontier Miles Elite Program or bought a bundle offer. Completing the check-in process at home results in time and money-saving. Visitors can also skip the baggage row if they're traveling without bags. People can simply get their boarding pass printed from the kiosk tower.

Check-in Timings

Frontier Airlines strives lightning fast to ensure you don’t miss the flight. Therefore, visitors need to comply with the following time details alongside having the printed boarding pass in hand:

  • Check-in Time for Domestic Flights: 45 Minutes
  • Check-in Time for International Flights: 60 Minutes

At the same time, Frontier flyers must remember that web and mobile-based check-in ends 60 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

How to Check-in Frontier Flights?

As disclosed above, the US carrier allows passengers to check-in through multiple ways. It is an attempt to bring harmonious travel exposure for every visitor. Enterprising individuals can opt for either online or offline modes. Among all, the most-used and widely-appreciated method is Frontier online check-in. it can be carried on over the web or on mobile.

Let’s discover more details about both scenarios.

Frontier Airlines Check-in Online

The air carrier enables the online check-in tab 24 hours prior to the departure time. However, passengers can perform and complete the check-in process 60 minutes before the flight departure. In order to execute the online process, one needs to follow the steps below:

  • Launch your web browser and enter
  • On the homepage, users will get the ‘My Trip/Check-in’ tab.
  • After hitting on this tab, you will enter log-in details such as the six-digit reservation number and the passenger’s last name.
  • The next page will take you to the final stage. Here, you can select seats, add extra baggage, and seal meals, etc. before confirming the check-in process. If you like, you can print your boarding pass as well.
  • As per timings, people performing check-ins online have to finish the process one hour prior to the departure time.

For help, you can dial Frontier Airlines Customer Service Number 1-877-611-1167.

Frontier Airlines Check-in Offline

Under the offline check-in environments, Frontier flyers will have access to the following methods:

Airport Ticket Counter Check-in

The traditional method for check-in is quite popular even today. This service is available at almost every airport. Visitors need to arrive at the airport at least 3 hours prior to departure to complete the check-in process within the stipulated time. You must have the reservation code, passport, email ID, etc.

Kiosk Tower Check-in

Passengers can save valuable time by implementing check-ins on the automated kiosks installed at the airport. You can commence the process by entering the booking confirmation code or by swiping the ID, credit card, or passport.

What is the Frontier Airlines Check-in Fee?

Whether you choose the online or offline platform for check-ins, Frontier Airlines charges you with no fee. Both methods are free of cost to complete the check-in process. However, Frontier customers will pay an additional fee for each service under offline procedures. Fortunately, the airline offers the boarding pass print-out service for free.

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