American Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy

American Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy - American Airlines provides appropriate facilities to book and cancel flight tickets smoothly. The USA-based air carrier is the world’s largest airline in terms of fleet size and scheduled passengers carried. Visitors can cancel their reservations by following the American Airlines flight cancellation policy. What is the process? Navigate the blog for the answer.

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American Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy

Nobody desires to cancel their itinerary right before the departure time. But sometimes, we face such circumstances that force us to cancel the flight ticket. Therefore, we proceed to cancel the already-booked flight unwillingly.

One more thing, passengers always think that canceling the flight could be disastrous. They would have to go through plenty of steps to complete the formalities. Collectively, it would be a time-consuming procedure full of conundrums.

Here’s a pacifying moment for you.In today’s digital era, it isn't a daunting task any longer to cancel a flight with American Airlines. Not only AA, but passengers can also cancel their ticket at any time with any air carrier. However, this guide intends to stress only American Airlines.

American Airlines Cancel Flight Policy

As far as the flight cancellation policy of American Airlines is concerned, it is quite a peaceful process for passengers. It depends upon the type of fare you have bought and your travel route. Canceling your flight due to an unforeseen incident is really intricate. Visitors get depressed as things don’t go the way they want.

Many air carriers impose a hefty cancellation fee, whereas American Airlines carries pleasant, flexible and passenger-friendly policies under different scenarios. The USA-based carrier manages a versatile route network across around 350 domestic and international destinations.

If you’ve booked a flight with American Airlines but need to cancel now, here’s the right place for you. This post is going to describe prime highlights of the American Airlines flight cancellation policy to help you with this regard.

How to Cancel American Airlines Flight?

Well, the giant air carrier in the United States of America provides different platforms to passengers to make flight cancellations. The airline charges some fees in certain cases, otherwise, it is available for free or at nominal charges in many cases. Let’s explore the process.

American Airlines Flight Cancel Online

  • People can cancel their American Airlines flight by following the online method. Most often, customers face hardships while getting along with the flight cancellation process and waste more time than usual. Here’s how you can execute the steps:
  • Open your internet browser to visit the airline’s official website
  • Hereafter, you will click on the ‘My Trip’ tab. It will open the dropdown that will ask you for your booking reference number and passenger’s last name.
  • You need to fill in the asked details rightly to match exactly with your flight reservation details.
  • The new page will show you the details of your travel history.
  • Hit the ‘Cancel My Booking’ tab.
  • In case your ticket is eligible for a refund, you will get full details before proceeding further.
  • A confirmation email will be sent to your email address registered with the airline after you confirm the cancellation.
  • Passengers can ask for a full refund if they cancel their flight by abiding by the American Airlines flight cancellation policy.

American Airlines Flight Cancellation via Phone Call

If you're not comfortable with the online process, you can proceed with the offline process as well. You need to make a call at the American Airlines customer care number 1-877-611-1167 to cancel your flight.

American Airlines Flight Cancellation at the Airport Kiosk

In addition to that, visitors can also cancel their American Airlines flight by visiting the nearest airport kiosk or helpdesk. They will ask you for the itinerary details to cancel your ticket on your behalf.

American Airlines 24-Hour Cancellation Policy

Under the 24-hour flight cancellation policy, American Airlines allows passengers to cancel their flight against all kinds of tickets. This policy offers you a full refund if you cancel your ticket within 24 hours of booking.

Now, this policy is also applicable for tickets booked under the Basic Economy fare category. Whatever the refund amount will be initiated to your account within 7 to 10 business days.

What if you cancel your ticket beyond the 24-hour window?

In that case, American Airlines charges a nominal fee as given in the chart below:

Ticket Type

Cancelation Fee

Route Type

Basic Economy

No cancelation is allowed

Domestic + International



Domestic + International

Premium Economy


Domestic + International

Business Class


Domestic + International

First Class


Domestic + International

Reward Ticket


Domestic + International

American Airlines Canceled Flight Compensation

There’re times when things don’t go as we planned. Sometimes, American Airlines flights may get canceled or postponed due to bad weather or any other technical fault. In this area, you will learn about the compensation and refund provided by the airline in case of delays and flight cancelations.

  • Let’s have a look at the following points:
  • If your flight gets delayed for 3 or more hours and the distance is under 900 miles, the air carrier will offer US$275 as compensation.
  • In the same way, if your flight delays for 3 or more hours with a distance between 900 and 2100 miles, the compensation amount will be US$450.
  • In case your flight gets delayed for 3 or more hours and the total distance is more than 2100 miles, the compensation will be US$650.
  • Additionally,if the flight is delayed for 5 or more hours, American Airlines will offer compensation in the following manners:
  • You will get a full refund against your ticket price.
  • Passengers will also get a full refund if they’re flying with the airline that is in a code agreement with American Airlines.
  • You will also enjoy complimentary add-ons such as seat selection, meal, and baggage etc.
  • Free airport transfer accommodations in case of overnight flight schedules.

How Can Fare and Fly Help You?

Fare and Fly acquaint you with the nitty-gritty of the American Airlines flight cancellation policy as mentioned above. It is an online portal to serve you across different scenarios in the aviation industry. you can raise your flight-related disputes with us at 1-877-611-1167. Our industry experts serve you with comprehensive knowledge and updated information.

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