JetBlue Airlines Reservation Policy

JetBlue Airlines Reservation Policy – Being a globally award-winning company JetBlue was born at JFK in the year 1999. Not only this it is the seventh-largest airline in North America and is a major American low coast airline. Having good international network destinations in U.S., Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, and South America it serves 100 domestic destinations as well. Not only this 1000 flights are being operated by JetBlue daily. 

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JetBlue Airlines Reservation Policy


JetBlue Airlines Reservation Policy

For JetBlue Airways Bookings it is essential that your travel documents must comply with the Contract Of Carriage of JetBlue Airlines. The travel documents must have compliance with all the applicable fare rules as well. To ensure that users take a consistent approach while using GDS services to issue tickets and reserve space for JetBlue customers they continue to provide information to their agency partners. In the form of a debit memo, the GDS practices that are considered a violation of the policies of JetBlue will be addressed.


The most recent ticket will be allowed to the agency by JetBlue to refund the original form of payment in case of a duplicate booking. The change/cancel penalty-free will be waived by us as required by our fare rules. But for the administrative costs, a $50 service charge debit memo will be issued to the travel agency. 

Duplicate Reservation 

When two or more flights are booked for the same passenger it is a duplicate reservation. 

Some of the instance to recognize the duplicate reservations are:

  • Two same tickets for the same customer 
  • Different destinations for the same customer name 
  • Regardless of the caste service, reserving one or more seats on the different or same flight for the same time frame. 
  • When it is evident that customer will only be able to use one but still creating a reservation where two or more flights are booked with the same customer. 
  • If there already exists a reservation in the JetBlue Airways Internal Reservation System, Or any GDS and then again creating a reservation. 

Hence JetBlue cancels all the duplicate reservations as soon as they identify them to ensure accurate availability to all our customers. It is also an equally possible situation when the two persons are traveling on the same itinerary with the same name in a different reservation. Hence please ensure that both the customers are enrolled in True Blue if reservations are ticketed and enter each other customer’s respective True Blue number in the PNR to prevent cancellation, even if the reservations are ticketed. 

Group Bookings 

Currently, through the GDS the JetBlue does not support group bookings. If you wish to do group bookings the same request should be submitted to the JetBlue Groups department via the online form. 

Emergency Contact Information 

To provide our customers with the best possible service we collect the emergency information in advance of the airport check-in. While some travelers will have to answer these questions at check-in, if they do not have passport and PCTC indicators in PNR, hence increasing their transaction time. 

What is required?

  • Emergency contact that is telephone number and full name must be included and solicited using the Special Services Request (SSR) code PCTC. 
  • The contact need not be related to the customer and can be an individual or an entity.
  • Contact must not be the person traveling on the covered flight 
  • Only the emergency contact must be solicited according to the regulation.

Note: It is a must to indicate the customer refused if customers refuse to provide this information. You can contact your CRS help desk for questions on SSR formats. 

Extra Seats 

For comfort or to increase the social distancing in times of pandemic, JetBlue allows the customers to book extra seats. For extra seats please follow the following guidelines for the name field and SSR inclusion. As TSA regulations require the collection of information in this fashion, you will be subject to a debit memo if you do not follow the guidelines. 

  • First name 

i. 1st extra seat: “EXST”

ii. 2nd extra seat: “EXST II”

  • Last name:

 . Last name of customer 

a. SSR

b. Please add the “EXST” SSR code to PNR 

c. If the customer purchased two extra seats add SSR twice


• The customer cannot increase in carry-on pr checked baggage if he books an extra seat.

• The fields of gender and Date Of Birth should be left blank.

How Fare any Fly Can Help You? 

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